A cork in the attic – a functional solution

cork floor in the attic

A cork in the attic – a functional solution is a proven insulation made of breathable and diffusion-resistant materials. Such a floor does not age, has above-average soundproofing properties and is highly resilient. Due to the natural bubbles formed in the process of natural expansion of the cork material during thermal treatment, it has a very good heat storage capacity.

The choice of a cork also significantly affects safety in the event of a fire. Cork does not catch fire quickly, it only smolders and is a product of the so-called self-extinguishing. The numerous advantages include resistance to rot, fungus and mildew, and after a short airing it is practically odorless. Most often, such a cork is placed on the OSB boards or directly on the log supports.

cork roof inside

The cork is also suitable for roof insulation. Expanded cork, for example, is glued or nailed to the inside of the roof, which is not a difficult task in the case of a construction lath. These panels are lightweight and easy to cut. For this reason, they are perfect for warming and soundproofing. Cork insulation boards are available in various thicknesses. The thicker the sheet, the better it insulates. It is recommended to use boards about 6 inches thick to insulate the roof with cork. In order to avoid heat loss due to thermal bridges, the boards can be laid diagonally with respect to each other. In this way, the insulation will be more efficient in these difficult zones.

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