The first Google brick-and-mortar store decorated with natural cork

A month ago in New York, Google opened The first Google brick-and-mortar store decorated with natural cork. From our point of view, the information would have gone unnoticed were it not for the fact that this most profitable company in the world decided to decorate the premises with cork and cork furniture.

When designing the interior, the discoveries of a relatively new field of science, i.e. neuroaesthetics, were used. This field studies how visual aesthetics affects our body and mind. At the company’s point in the Chelsea district of New York, furniture designed by Polish designer Daniel Michalik was used. Furniture, including oval-shaped sofas and tables, is made of light wood and cork in neutral colors, thanks to which the products will stand out.

In the first Google brick-and-mortar store decorated with natural cork the cork was used, among others to obtain LEED Platinum certification – on the higher possible certification as part of the evaluation of green buildings. The interior is designed in such a way that the final recipient will feel as comfortable as at home.

Near the main entrance is a 17-foot-tall circular glass structure (designed and manufactured with local New York partners), dubbed the Google Imagination Space. With custom interactive screens with rotating exhibits, visitors can enjoy the best products and technologies, starting with a Google Translate experience and our machine learning capabilities.

A thin black metal line extends across the store, delineating a seamless path and eye-catching between the various displays. The central circular counter that functions as a support desk has a neon halo that says “Here to help” many times in the ring.

Seats in the form of benches, pouffes and stools can be used by buyers and those seeking advice or assistance with the product. The windows feature illuminated “reveal boxes” that showcase Google products and allow passers-by to interact with them using augmented reality technology.

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