Rubbercork board 3mm (1mx1m)

13,50 £ per sheet

The dimensions of a rubber cork board are as follows: 1000x1000mm, thickness: 3mm.


Rubbercork board 3mm (1mx10m)

Rubbercork board 3mm (1mx10m) serves as a sealing material. It consists of natural cork granulate and styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR for short). Cork and rubber seals are a fairly important part of the industry as they complement each other perfectly thanks to their unique properties. Rubbercork board 3mm (1mx10m) is compressible and elastic, while rubber has a high mechanical strength and dimensional stability. Usually a mixture of cork and rubber contains 70% cork and 30% rubber.

The advantages of cork and rubber

This mixture of cork and rubber should not be underestimated. It works strongly in volatile and dangerous environments and is highly resistant to oil, solvents, fuels, fungi, acids or even extreme weather conditions. No liquid can penetrate such a material, no impact and no shock can destroy it – and this material also protects you from these dangers. It is also excellent as a non-slip material, although its silence and reduced vibration level properties can make it an excellent thing for any recording studio or any other noisy place.

The unique combination of cork and rubber

What can you do with such a connection? Of course, we are not talking about self-adhesive cork rolls or cork walls. Think of the joints. Many joints. Timing cover seals, valve cover seals, oil pan seals … you understand – and they are really important for the industry. And apart from that, a mixture of cork and rubber acts as an excellent seal for the crankshaft bearing. When pressure is applied, the air in the cork cells is compressed and affects the back pressure on the holding surface. Why is it important? Well, all the right connection materials must be able to withstand. And because you can cut cork and rubber so easily, narrow flange connections can be made from them.

Yes to experiment!

These advantages prove that science and experimentation are useful things, because without them we would never think of mixing materials like cork and rubber. I mean, if you’re not in the industry, you wouldn’t even think that such a connection can be useful. In addition, it can be adapted to all needs of a particular industry, which makes it almost universal.

In our offer you will find rubber cork underlayments of different sizes, which are adapted to individual customer requirements

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