Dilatation spray cork BOSTIK

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Insulation and dilatation spray cork. Single package contains 500ml of the product.

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Dilatation spray cork BOSTIK

Dilatation spray cork BOSTIK for expansion joint. A single package contains 500ml of the product.

Liquid spray cork sealant for expansion joint BOSTIK is the highest quality seal used for acoustic and thermal insulation, especially for the space between the wall and the door or the window frame, as well as for filling joints in connection points of building elements, partition walls and masonry and for numerous other thermal and acoustic insulation-oriented applications

Liquid spray cork sealant for expansion joint is mainly used:

  • For floor expansion joint and wood/ceramic elements connections,
  • As a supplement to typical cork for expansion joint, in places where piping is installed under the floor, and next to door frames,
  • To enhance the insulation-related parameters of wooden and cork floors, as well as cork panelling and wainscoting.

Instructions for use:

  • Adhering surfaces must be dry,
  • Drying time – from 30 min to 24 hours,
  • Manual or spray gun-based application (compressed air).


  • Consistency: plastically durable, suitable for manual or spray gun-based application,
  • Temperature resistance: from -30 C to +120 C,
  • Drying time: depending on weather conditions, up to 24 hours,
  • Insulation-related features: above average,

  • A Single package contains 500ml of the product.

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