Cork Wall Paper “SNAKE”

118,00 £ for 1 roll - 7,5 m2

width 0.75m

length 10 m

thickness 1 mm

Sold on full rolls 7,5 m2


Cork Wall Paper “SNAKE”

We present you our new Cork Wall Paper “SNAKE” .

Cork wallpaper can be a great interior decoration. They delight with a variety of designs, colors and textures. A lot of attention is attracted by beautiful arrangements. Patterns of cork wallpaper are inspired by the latest fashion trends. Cork wallpaper has many advantages. It is pleasant to the touch and warm. It maintains an optimal temperature and a favorable microclimate in the interior. Cork wallpaper is also healthy for household members, resistant to moisture and not attracting dust. Allergy will appreciate its qualities. Cork wallpaper is sold on full rolls of 7,5 m2 (10mx0.75m).


Cork Wall Paper “SNAKE” consists of paper background, the surface of which is covered with thin slices of cork oak bark. Some wallpaper manufacturers also use ground cork granulate from Asian Amur cork tree or cork leftover. This type of cork wallpaper is cheaper than cork veneer wallpaper.

There are also wallpapers that imitate the appearance of original cork wallpapers. They’re look deceptively similar to real cork. These are mainly non-woven wallpapers.


Cork veneer wallpaper is made of peeled cork oak bark (Quercus suber). Qualified workers peel the bark manually using special tools. Peeling has no effect on the life of the cork oak, and its bark grows back.

Then the employees sort , pile and left cork to dry  outside for at least six months. For that period cork mustn’t have contact with the ground. After drying, producers steam the bark and smooth it. This makes that workers could process it later. The cork can then rest for six to nine months, thanks to which it creates a unique cellular structure through a natural maturation process and is suitable for processing.

Individual pieces of cork veneer are arranged as desired and manually glued (“laminated”) on a paper carrier. This creates an individual pattern, so each cork wallpaper is really unique and unrepeatable!

Cork wallpapers have a natural look and are warm and soft to the touch. The differences in the structure and color of wallpapers are quite natural. These are the features of quality and authenticity, not a manufacturing defect. Natural cork wallpapers are available in various shades of brown.

Properties and care

Natural wallpapers made of cork are not only external, but also internal qualities. Since the bark of cork oak consists of cells filled with air, it has low thermal conductivity. As a result, cork wallpapers offer excellent thermal insulation and have very good insulation properties. They are particularly suitable for thermal insulation, but also for sound insulation.

Another positive feature of cork wallpaper is that they have anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and anti-static properties. It is ideal for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Because the dust particles do not adhere to them, they are very easy to care for. You shouldn’t clean wallpaper on wet and in the case of fresh stains. We recommend cleaning with a slightly damp cloth.

Cork wallpapers are very durable and flame retardant. They are resistant to light, even in constant light. Slight damage caused by bumps or scratches are not noticeable. Even in the natural structure of the cork.

Our environmentally friendly cork wallpapers are fully hand-made. Production excludes the use of any chemicals. If you are looking for wall cladding that protects the environment and health natural cork wallpaper is the perfect choice. Additionally it improves the room climate and reducing energy costs, .


Unlike cork floors, wallpapers haven’t got veneer coat or seal. Therefore, you shouldn’t install it in damp rooms. It can be for example in a bathroom or kitchen. Their natural material absorbs moisture, and the fabric can swell. However, they are perfect as wall coverings for living rooms, bedrooms and offices.

The application of cork wallpaper is similar to traditional wallpaper. The surface must be dry, clean and smooth. For cutting, we recommend using wallpaper scissors or other sharp cutting tool. This makes the cut very precise and avoids fraying of edges and cracks in thin cork veneer.

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