Cork Roll 6mm x1mx10m – middle-grained

105,00 £ per roll

Width: 100 cm
Length: 10m
Granule size: 0.5-4 mm
Thermal conductivity coefficient: 0.046 W/mK
Density: 200 – 220 kg/m3
water absorption: 2-4%


Cork Roll 6mm x1mx10m – middle-grained

Cork Roll 6mm x1mx10m – middle-grained we offer is a product of the highest quality and they are attested with ISO certificate. Rolls are made from middle grain granulated pellets. The raw material from Portugal conquers the hearts of customers instantly. Cork in the role is created in the process of combining ecological aggregate with an equally natural binder. The resulting product has different thicknesses, which definitely extends the scope of its applications. It’s the perfect cork for information cabinets and boards, including for pinning important information. We must admit that the cork exposed on the walls looks very aesthetically pleasing. In addition, it is a flexible and durable material that will not crumble so quickly. See where you can use the cork in the roll and how its installation should look like.

Cork roles – product specificity and application

Cork Roll 6mm x1mx10m in the role that you will find in our assortment is not sold by the meter, but in its entirety. You can choose from cork roles with a length of e.g.  2.5m, 5m. 10m and even 100m. Every roll can have a different degree of granulation and a different thickness, which is in the range of 0.8mm – 10mm. Rollers are 1m wide.

The rollers we offer are an excellent material for cork boards for various purposes. The cork board cork should be 5mm to 10mm thick, because the length of standard pins is about 10-11mm. Thanks to this, you can easily pin photos or important information on the board. A rolled cork is also perfect as a silencing or warming underlay for panels. An interesting application is also a warm and stain resistant cork pad on a desk or a cork floor mat in a children’s room. The raw material is very pleasant and soft to the touch, and most importantly antiallergic. Therefore, it will be perfect in your child’s kingdom!

The rollers are also an ideal cork for information cabinets and large cork boards, e.g. in offices, schools and public buildings. Cork boards will be durable and will last for many years. An extraordinary convenience is the adhesive version of the cork, which definitely facilitates installation. Thanks to the ready layer of highly binding adhesive, you can easily mount the cork yourself anywhere. You can stick the traditional cork with a special cork glue, which you can buy in our store.

How should the cork in the roll be applied?

Depending on the purpose, you can  cut the roll cork to the appropriate shape and size. Do it preferably with a wallpaper knife. When you prepare the desired format (or buy ready), its assembly can be done in two ways. It all depends on the type of cork. If this is a traditional raw material, use special cork glue, which you will also find in our offer. However, if it is a self-adhesive version, then all you need to do is peel off the protective board and stick the cork to the chosen surface. Warning! You should apply the mat to the selected surface carefully and precisely, because the adhesive layer dries very quickly. Nevertheless, the great advantage of this assembly is simple operation and cleanliness.

When installing the cork, we do not recommend using nails, screws and dowels. These are redundant accessories that will adversely affect the aesthetics. So remember that it is best to mount the cork with the intended cork glue or simply buy the adhesive version.

Other uses of cork in sections

Cork used for production of rolls is just perfect for corkboards, cold walls thermal insulation (especially recommended to be used near cot placement area), as well as it is a material which is suitable for wall and ceiling finishing purposes. Cork is characteristic due to its unrivalled insulation-related parameters – both in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation. The product serves its role perfectly in recording studios, schools, as well as in objects, the floor of which requires additional silencing.

Cork roles can have other uses. It really depends on your imagination. For example, sections of self-adhesive cork can be used to glue kitchen cabinet fronts. It will completely change the kitchen and give it an original character. Cork in rolls is a universal product. You can use it almost everywhere (for ceiling, walls, floors, furniture, etc.). You can also use cork to create very elegant decorations that will amazingly decorate the interior of your home.

Cork in the role is great not only for construction and decoration. Entrepreneurs also use the product in many other industries, e.g. footwear (inserts, heel pads), fishing (parts of rods), model making (mock-ups), industry (pads, seals), and even in sport (fitness mats). In our offer you will find many different products made of natural cork, cork rolls, cork wall and many more. So we encourage you to review the entire range. We are convinced that every customer will find something tailored to their needs!

Cork surface finish

The method of finishing the cork depends primarily on the effect we want to achieve. You can finish the material or leave it without additional processing. In both cases, the cork will look good. However, if you want to slightly revive its natural structure or effectively hide it, you can paint the cork with varnish, paint or stain.
However, for those who want to save a little (both money and work), we suggest leaving the cork without additional finishing. The uneven structure combined with imperfect cork grains will create a natural and original atmosphere in your home. The whole family will use the cork board for many years.

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