Cork shavings

8,00 £ for 1 kg

Cork shavings

1 kg = 9L = 0,009 m3


Cork shavings

They are used as mulch for the garden. Thanks to them, the soil substrate becomes more fertile. It protects the soil against weed infestation and reduces the excessive loss of water from it. It maintains a constant temperature of the substrate – cooling it in summer and warming it in winter. Cork shavings promote the growth of microorganisms such as earthworms, which fertilize the soil with nutrients that make plants healthier and grow better. The shavings make the garden look better cared for. They also prevent plants from getting dirty.

On the other hand, another use of the shavings can be litter for hamsters, chinchilla rabbits or other domestic animals. Cork shavings have good absorbency. They do not sensitize and do not have an intense smell. They do not dust and are resistant to mold and fungus. It is a completely natural product, a residue after removing the bark from cork oak.

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