Cork pads

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Cork pads are popular due to their durability and flexibility

Classic cork placemats: These are standard placemats made of natural cork. They are light, flexible and easy to clean.

Laminated cork pads: Some cork pads are laminated, which means they are covered with a protective layer that protects them from moisture and mechanical damage. This makes them more durable and easier to keep clean.

Cork placemats with an additional non-slip layer: Some cork placemats have an additional non-slip layer of materials such as silicone to prevent dishes or pots from slipping.

Cork placemats with patterns and colors: Cork placemats are also available with various patterns and colors, allowing you to match them to your kitchen decor.

Cork pads for hot dishes: Some cork pads are specifically designed to protect surfaces from hot dishes. They may have a thicker structure or additional insulating layers.

Our offer also includes personalized cork coasters.

Your Logo, Your Brand:

Add a unique character to your business with our personalized cork placemats. Place your logo, slogan or graphic on a durable and ecological material that will delight your customers.

Highlight Professionalism:

Let your place stand out with elegance and professionalism. Personalized cork placemats are a subtle way to emphasize the uniqueness of your premises.

For Bars and Restaurants:

Cork coasters are the perfect addition to glasses and glasses. Add class to serving drinks and make your dishes look even more delicious.

For Cafes:

Surprise your guests with a pleasant experience. Cork placemats are not only a practical accessory, but also a stylish element of decor that will increase the prestige of your cafe.

Ecological Choice:

Natural cork is an environmentally friendly material. By choosing our pads, you take care not only of your business, but also of the planet.

Perfect Corporate Gift:

Personalized cork coasters are also a perfect idea for a corporate gift for business partners or clients. Leave a lasting impression and remember your brand.

Increase Recognition:

Be recognizable! Place your logo on placemats that reach hundreds, maybe even thousands, of customers every month.