Self-adhesive cork roll 6mm(16m) – fine-grained

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Self-adhesive cork roll 16m x 1m x 6mm


Width: 100cm
Thickness: 6mm
Length: 16 m
Granule size: 0.5-1 mm
Thermal conductivity coefficient: 0.046 W/mK
Density: 220 – 240 kg/m3
water absorption: 2-4%


Self-adhesive cork roll 6mm(16m) – fine-grained

Self-adhesive cork roll 6mm(16m) – fine-grained is very easy to install. It’s easier than a simple cork bulletin board. Just remove the protective film from the cork roll and put it in your favorite spot.

Self-adhesive cork roll 6mm(16m) – fine-grained, coated with glue on one side. It is protected by a protective film. To install it, you simply need to remove the protective film and locate the cork in your favorite spot. The glue is odorless and immediately glued to the surface.

Instructions for use

Cork sheets, self-adhesive cork rolls should be kept at room temperature before bonding. It is best to be above 18 degrees for about 24 hours. The connection must be made in rooms where the temperature exceeds 18 degrees C.

The cork should be reheated before gluing cork boards, cork rolls and removing protective paper. For example, press the roller across the surface with the dryer and after gluing.

Surface Preparation for Adhesive self-adhesive cork roll 6mm(16m)

Cork rolls must be clean, dry, free of dust (dust, cobwebs, etc.) and well prepared.

You should not attach adhesive cork rolls to a high surface tension surface. This means that you have to paint and paint the walls before. You can do this from PVC, polyester, polypropylene and polyethylene films.

When joining several elements, the edges of the cork must also be glued.

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