Cork sheet 4mm


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Cork sheet 4mm(0,16″) x915mm(3ft 0,6″)x610mm(2ft 0,4″)

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Cork sheet is one of the representatives of a wide range of available panels. All the panels offered by our company are made out of high quality bright cork. Application :
– construction industry (acoustic and thermal isolation installed under the floor, decoration of walls and floors, anti-vibration insulation of machines, devices, buildings, and habitable spaces, dilatations)
-footwear industry (production of soles and shoe platforms, production of heels, insoles, and components of orthopedic footwear)
-advertisement and decoration-oriented branches of industry (mats, handles, cork haberdashery, cork informational boards, advertisement-oriented gadgets)
– as well as: fishing (fishing rod handles), furniture industry (paddings and veneers), automotive industry (cork washers and spacers), modeling, elements of musical instruments, elements of electro mechanic devices, elements of toys, and many more.

Advantages of the offered cork:
– lightness
– high flexibility and elasticity
– remarkable durability
– notable thermal insulation
– satisfactory noise scattering and silencing capabilities
– longevity and immunity to numerous hazardous substances
– immunity to pernicious effects of microbes, fungi, and mold
– easy processing
– low absorbability
– notably high friction coefficient
– antistatic and non-allergic
– efficient insulation preventing excessive substances emissions and suppressing the negative impact of water  veins

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