Dilatation strips 925x23x10mm


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Dilatation strips 925x23x10mm

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They are made out of meticulously chosen cork pellets the granulation of which ranges from 0,1 to 2 mm. The aforementioned components are taken advantage of mainly in order to connect two different surfaces, as it is in the case of wooden floor and tiles. While combining two materials together, for example: wood with ceramic tiles, stone with paneling, or tiles with paneling, proper dilatation must be maintained in order for the surfaces to be connected in an effective and durable manner. Cork strips make it possible to decrease tension in the areas where value of pressure is rather high. Their utilization facilitates maintaining material tension at constant level, therefore counteracting distortion and damaging of the utilized components. Thanks to the usage of the dilatation strips, the frequency of occurrence of notable damages is remarkably decreased, and the connected surfaces are additionally protected.

Distinctive features of the dilatation strips are:

  • Production of strips out of cork – natural and ecologic material,
  • Elasticity,
  • Easiness of installation.

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