Cork mosaic


7,99 £ 5,90 £ per pcs

Cork mosaic is a natural architectural material, made from a by-product, resulting in the production of corks for wine. Cork discs are hand made and shaped into sheets that make up the mosaic of cork, easy to install on the floors and walls.


Cork mosaic assembled using traditional tile adhesive, finished plaster, available in each store building. After installing the mosaic on the floor, it is recommended to use polyurethane varnish (or paint for floors) to enhance and protect against dirt.

Stopper has many advantages: it is warm, soft, has excellent insulation, is antistatic, antibacterial …… and most importantly is a renewable resource safe for our planet and our health. Mosaic is easy to clean, durable and durable. Heat resistant and hardly flammable.

It can be used in the bathroom – a floor and a wall; in the shower; saunas; on yachts and in all residential and commercial spaces.

This material is suitable for use in wet areas and enables a high slip resistance.

We mosaic cork in a natural shade, so it can be painted in any color by using water-based paints.

Mosaic sell in “pieces” 300mmx300mm. We recommend that you book at least 10-15% more goods.

DO IT YOURSELF! Easy to install using ordinary tile adhesive and tiles. The surface should be clean and level. It is necessary to remove the old tiles, old adhesive, weak concrete, any dirt, debris and other contaminants that could affect the gluing cork mosaic.

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Weight 0.500000 kg