Corkboard World Map Blue 200×105 cm.

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world map 200x105cm 5mm thick self-adhesive

The cork world map consists of 3 elements with a sheet size of 93×62.5 cm.

After unfolding it on the wall, you will receive a map measuring 200×105 cm.

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Corkboard World Map Blue for travelers

Do you like to travel? Looking for an original gift for globetrotter? Corkboard World Map Blue 200x105cm (approximate size) is perfect. Cork World map is an interesting and unusual decorative element. Fits into any interior. With the ability to customize, the world map map can also be changed by choosing any size, color or texture and thickness of cork. It really translates into a more personalized gift!

Great decoration

Corks World Map Blue 200x105cm is not just a decorative element. It is a good information board or a good place to collect photos or holiday souvenirs! Corkboard World Map Large Blue will be an interesting travel album that creates many memories for every look! Or maybe you prefer to make the cork map of the world a form of education? Nothing easier! A cork map of the world will decorate walls or furniture in a kindergarten, where it will be a great source of knowledge for your children!

There is no doubt that the world map of cork has many uses, making it a versatile product.

Our cork world map has modern design and is a 100% natural product. In addition, it is made of the finest cork, so you maintain a natural and aesthetic look.

Easy to install

The installation itself is a child’s play and requires no nails or training. World map large blue is a self-adhesive product, so just paste on the selected surface and press gently. The producer equipped World Cork Map with an extremely strong glue. It works directly and has a simple guide so installation does not cause any problems.

High quality

What sets our product apart is undoubtedly high quality! Our world map is made of non-toxic anti-static cork with high flexibility. This allows easy cutting so that we can customize the product to your wishes. In addition, the cork card does not crumble or break. This makes it a very durable and functional decorative element.

The world map from cork can be mounted horizontally and vertically. This makes it an excellent base for gathering all kinds of information.

We also recommend other colors and dimensions of world maps.

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Dimensions200 × 105 × 0,05 cm