Polymer-water cork adhesive 1.5KG

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Polymer water cork adhesive 1,5 KG

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Polymer-water cork adhesive 1.5KG

Polymer-water cork adhesive 1.5KG is a high-quality dispersion adhesive in the form of a dense paste, used for immediate installation of all kinds of cork linings.

It contains no solvents, practically odorless, non-flammable.

Polymer-water cork adhesive 1.5KG is intended for indoor applications. This product is characterized by adhesion far exceeding the requirements of the standard, unusual flexibility characteristic for polymeric adhesives and white color.

Use on all stable, dry and clean building substrates, as well as on wood-based and deformable substrates, e.g. G-K or OSB boards. You must level the ground.
Apply glue straight from the bucket. We apply it using a velor roller lubricating one surface. Please clean surface well before you put glue on it.

Apply the cladding directly to the surface covered with glue, and then press with a roller so that its layer is reduced to half the thickness. The adhesive binds
as a result of evaporation of water. This binding is irreversible.

Works should be carried out at ambient and substrate temperature from 8 ° C to 30 ° C.

Drying time: 24h (20st.C) – depends on the absorbency of the substrate

Open working time: approx. 10 min. (20 degrees C)

Close the bucket tightly for reuse. To make the consistency plastic, we recommend to mix the product before use. Shelf life 12 months. Cleaning of tools – with water immediately after use.


Capacity: 1.5 kg

Adhesive consumption: when using a roller: 0.5 kg / square meter

White color

Texture: Thixotropic paste


Apply the glue straight from the bucket. Spread with a 1-4mm notched trowel or with a roller.

For thin coverings, e.g. up to 3 mm, apply with a roller and glue immediately.

With thicker plugs: 4.5.6 mm notched trowel with a 2 mm tooth will be more comfortable.

while 7,8,10mm – a trowel with teeth 3-4mm.

We also recommend other kinds of cork adhesives.

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