A finishing up and dilatation material – cork strips

Sometimes people look long and hard for the best material that would finish up their construction or would be helpful in dilatation. What exactly is that and how does a cork strip help in that, you will ask? Basically, a dilatation is a blank space or a gap that was left intentionally. If put between some parts, it will help them in fulfilling their functions better. It is helpful in avoiding any potential problems during the construction or later. When thinking about dilatation, it’s helpful to think about the railway tracks, which need to have a gap between them due to the change of the temperature throughout the year due to swelling and contracting that happens during different seasons of the year.

Cork strips during construction

A finishing up and dilatation material – cork stripsSo how a cork strip helps in that exactly? Well, the thermal and silencing properties of cork are a great addition to dilation, not only because of creating a gap that is helpful for other parts of the house, but also in the aesthetics aspect. Thanks to a properly placed cork strip you will avoid ruptures or cracks on the walls or the floor. The cork is also great for avoiding the permanent damage since it will not crack and will not dislocate. Even if you put a heavy furniture element on it, the cork will eventually just bounce back. If you are interested in such features, you may also think about the cork flooring or just cork underlaysA cork roll on the wall will work similarly as well.

The properties of cork

Cork is widely known for being used in wine stoppers. Now, think about the wine: have you ever met a drink which had altered taste or was otherwise damaged because it used a cork stopper? Probably not. It means that the cork has such great properties and can be used to preserve the wines or other drinks. It also has some other interesting and unique attributes. A lot of people praise its thermal features, meaning the cork will keep the heat in the room, while insulating it properly. It’s a great thing to have while constructing a house. It is literally the most cheap thing to use for the finish up on your construction site or for the room’s insulation.

A finishing up and dilatation material – cork strips

Does it really work? If you are unsure whether your cork strip will really work as intended and you are afraid it’s too fragile, try to call us and we’ll figure together out to help you see that it is indeed a good material. You may also do your research or watch YouTube movies for the proper use of the cork  insulation.If you are unsure whether your cork strip will really work as intended and you are afraid it’s too fragile, try to call us and we’ll figure together out to help you see that it is indeed a good material. You may also do your research or watch YouTube movies for the proper use of the cork insulation.

Safety and comfort – a cork in the kid’s room

At some point everybody will have to think about how to design a kid’s room. It’s a kid, you will say – it doesn’t need any complicated designs or wall covers. Well, by “design” we do not mean being fashionable, but thinking about all kid’s (and parents!) needs. Every kid needs a warm room with a soft floor. Is it even possible to make such without spending a whole lot of money? Yes, here comes the hero – cork flooring or cork underlays .

Why is cork so great?

Why is a cork so great, you will ask? I mean, everybody knows cork board or adhesive cork, but cork in a room? And moreover – a children’s room? Basically, a cork is a cheap and eco-friendly material. If you install a cork flooring, it’s going to keep the room warm because of cork’s thermal properties, thus saving a lot of money spent on the heating. It also silences out the noise coming out of the room, which means your kids can make as much noise as they want without annoying the neighbours or you during the work. You need to know that cork flooring is often used in recording studios as well – that really gives a perspective, doesn’t it?

Safety and comfort – a cork in the kid’s room

Some other tricks and tips

Did I mention a cork board? It really helps a kid of any age. You can pin photos there, funny quotes, reminders about housework to do or the assignments that were given by the school. You can also pin a lesson timetable. It’s useful not only for kid but also you – you can just look at the cork board and see what’s up right now, whether your kid should prepare anything for the lessons or whether you can take him or her out for a little trip if you wish so! I wish I had a cork board when I was a kid, it would help so much and it really looked cool. It is also a great way to pin your messages to the kid – maybe a little surprise in the morning? Like “mom loves you, remember about that” or a ticket to the circus pinned to the cork board? There are so many things you can do with this one! It just needs a bit of creativity!

Cork accessories

A kid’s room can also need cork accessories. Some of the most common are cork pads for the hot drinks, if your kid drinks tea while writing essays or playing games, or if a party is happening in your kid’s room and everybody wants to drink tea. A cork is also a great material to put between things, for example if there are two children in the room and each of them requires a personal space, you can just put furniture or cork that would be a border between two spaces.

Safety and comfort – a cork in the kid’s room

Invite nature to your flat ? unique cork accessories

A cork phone case? A cork belt? Can you imagine these things? Well, yeah, cork is not used only for wine stoppers! It is also a great material for any cork-related accessories. A cork board or a cork roll are the most common of them. What are some of the other popular ones? Contrary to what you could?ve thought about that, there are actually quite some accessories on the marketplace that were cork-made.

A cork pad

Are you making your guests a tea or a coffee? Put the cup on the cork pad and then serve it to your guests. This trick makes sure that the table doesn?t get too hot or in any way permanently damaged by the hot drink. It happens so due to the great thermal properties of cork that allow it to go undamaged and yet keep the drink heated. A cork flooring behaves similarly, so if you are impressed by these properties, you may consider getting yourself a cork underlay, which will cover not your table but all of your floor.

Invite nature to your flat ? unique cork accessories
Invite nature to your flat ? unique cork accessories

A cork-made ergonomic 
  mouse pad

Why bother gaming on a cheap pad that rolls itself after several weeks of heavy usage if you can just get yourself an equally cheap and good quality cork-made mouse pad? What?s more, it can be ergonomic with some extra adjustments.  Overall it makes a really good gadget for a gamer. Maybe a pro-gamer will require some extra features but it should be good for a casual player who likes to relax over a good strategy or First Person Shooter.

A cork board

You have to say that the cork board is probably the most popular cork accessory ever but it never stops being useful. If you are a kid, you can use it to remind yourself of a homework, if you are a student, it?s a great place to store all the notes and timetables. And if you are already in a work force or a parent, you will still find another use for a cork board. It?s just that cheap, economic and eco-friendly ? like everything that was made from cork. And while cork may seem like a fragile material that is easy to damage, in fact it?s actually better than most of the materials. If you put a heavy thing on a cork, it may get a little bit damage but it will always bounce back. That?s why a cork board is one of the best choices for kids mostly, since they always happen to damage things, accidentally or not, and a cork board is not going to get destroyed so easily. If you want to get something else, you may also consider an adhesive roll or a cork roll. They actually can be glued to wall in an asy and simple way, and act like a cork board while also enhancing the cork?s unique thermal and silencing properties.

Invite nature to your flat ? unique cork accessories

Natural and healthy – excercise yoga with cork

Now, you may wonder, what is the connection between yoga and cork? Isn’t one of them sport, and second one a material? What do you even make of this? Well, here’s a solution – you can exercise yoga on a cork-made material – be it cork flooring or cork underlay. Why would you do it though? There are several pretty good reasons for doing your daily yoga on such a flooring

The softness of the floor

First of all, a cork underlay or a cork floor will be really soft. It is helpful, should you make a mistake in your yoga pose and fall on the floor. A cork flooring will lessen the painful impact of the fall and will not get permanently damaged. It will always bounce back, providing once again a good platform for your daily yoga exercise. Better not to take a risk with a traditional hard flooring that will make you break your leg or hurt a knee. Of course, you could always buy a gymnastics mat, but having a whole flooring in cork will be more comfortable – you will not be limited by mat’s range – and additionally it’s not that expensive. It’s actually one of the cheapest floorings available on the market.

Natural and healthy – excercise yoga with cork
Natural and healthy – excercise yoga with cork

The silencing attributes

Now, another thing about a cork flooring or cork rolls that is profitable for your exercise is that the cork material has pretty good silencing attributes. When laid on the floor or put on the wall, it will silence out all the noise, which will give you a space for some quiet and lonely meditation. No random noise will bother you and no shouting will prevent you from calmly executing your yoga pose. Isn’t that just great? That’s why cork adhesives or cork walls are used in a school classroom or a recording studio. As you can imagine, in these places there would be a lot of noise that is silenced out by cork.

The thermal properties

Is there more about this cork material, you will ask? Actually, yes. It might be a little bit unbelievable, but it has a lot of good properties. Except being soft and silencing out, it keeps the heat in the room, making it pretty warm and saving your money that you would normally spend on electrical heating. You may wonder why would you need a warm room for exercising. Isn’t it actually supposed to be cold, since you get warm during yoga? Well, yes, but consider that – if you are going to sweat more, you are going to lose more calories and the training is going to be more effective with less effort. And it’s no good for a body to get a thermal shock, if you are going to get warm in a very cold room.

So, as you can see, cork actually has a lot of profits for yoga exercises…

Natural and healthy – excercise yoga with cork

Granulated cork. Properties and uses

Have you ever heard about cork granules? If no, then you definitely should learn a bit about them – it’s another wonderful offspring of a cork. Apparently, a bark from a cork oak tree can be used to make granules from it. What do cork granules do? Well, first of all they can be made in all sorts of sizes and densities, meaning that they can be either really big, or really small. It makes them pretty much universal and it means they can be used in a lot of situations.

Now, cork granules (similarly to cork rolls or cork walls) have serious absorbing properties. Should your cup of coffee fall on the cork flooring, the drink will be absorbed by it. That’s why cork granules are commonly used by fire and other emergency services. They can absorb all sorts of substances – be it water or oil spill. You will also see cork granulesbeing used in a typical industrial company, where leakages might happen often. They will work in a household as well, though. Especially if the children are around, since they spill a lot of things and sometimes it would be useful to have a quick way to absorb all the water, for example from the rug.

Granulated cork. Properties and uses
Granulated cork. Properties and uses

Create art with cork

Are you a painter or an art teacher? Consider using cork granules as an interesting addition to the works of art created by your pupils. The cork itself is really cheap and you can granulate it yourself, which can be an interesting and funny exercise for the children. After you obtain granulated cork, you may ask the students to use it as texture or to create special effects on their painting or other work of art. It may result in an interesting effect and it sure improves the creativity. Not to mention all the fun you will have during the class.

Insulating cork

Cork in its granulated form is a great filler. For example, if you need to pack something, you can fill the rest of the package with cork granules to make sure the contents will not break or get damaged. On the other hand, it’s not a suitable filler for every type of package, obviously and you should make sure that the receiver knows about the filler, so they don’t accidentally spill all the granules on them. Although, it surely would be a funny joke, now that I think of it. Maybe it’s a little Halloween prank idea?

Overall, it’s hard to enlist every possible use of granulated cork – there’s simply so much to it and it all depends just on the creativity. However, it is easy and cheap to obtain, so you can simply experiment a lot with it to see if you can find any other use for the cork granules. If you do, let us know.

Granulated cork. Properties and uses

Waterproof cork floor for the bathroom

Waterproof cork floor for the bathroom

If you are looking for floors resistant to spills and moisture, for example to the bathroom or laundry, it is very good idea. Not only that waterproof, they are also extremely easy to arrange. Cork is also quiet, flexible (another advantage when walking) and is a completely natural material. The dream bathroom should be nice, practical and warm. Cork interior elements are an extremely original solution that will successfully implement these key assumptions of the ideal design.

Waterproof cork floor for the bathroom
Waterproof cork floor for the bathroom


Hydrocork is cork panels covered with a delicate vinyl film. Made in class T (extremely high level of resistance to abrasion), they do not change their properties under the influence of furniture wheels, and at the same time they are completely waterproof. Cork has a nice feature, making it the perfect floor for the bathroom, where you often go barefoot. It reflects the heat. It gives a feeling of floor warmth and is an alternative to underfloor heating. Naturally, a cork floor will not heat, but the comfort of such a solution, reflecting heat, is incomparably high compared to always cold bathroom tiles. 

Advantages of cork floors

The advantage of the cork over commonly used ceramics concerns primarily thermal comfort and convenience. Thanks to the cellular structure, the cork is a material with excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing properties. Going barefoot on the floor made with it does not involve a feeling of penetrating cold, as is the case with ceramic floors. The soft surface also absorbs the pressure very well during the steps, favorably affecting the muscles and joints. When properly installed, the cork cladding will easily deal with the moisture and cold inside, making this additionally in a very stylish way. The most important thing to remember is that when deciding on the cork finish of the bathroom, we should choose the technology of gluing the tiles to the ground. Thanks to this space under their surface will be filled, thus preventing getting under the water. In turn, varnishing the entire finished floor protects against moisture between the gaps between the tiles.

Waterproof cork floor for the bathroom

Cork plug – perfect against moisture

Cork plug – perfect against moisture

Moisture is the bane of many users of apartments and houses. This is undoubtedly a big problem, which is not easy to deal with. Excess moisture, with frequent underheating of rooms or poor ventilation, is conducive to the appearance of mold and fungi dangerous to health. Moisture often appears in newly built buildings that have not dried up sufficiently after construction works. However, in already existing apartments, a frequent reason for the appearance of mold is the poor thermal insulation of the walls. What to do to avoid unwanted dampness and its consequences? Choose a natural cork plug, which thanks to its specific structure, has unusual properties.

Advantages of cork plug

Cork in its composition contains tannins, and does not contain proteins, so it is not susceptible to the harmful effects of moisture and, above all, rotting. Another of its special features is low hygroscopicity – no water vapor absorption. This is a very important advantage that should be taken into consideration when choosing the raw material for our wall or ceiling. Moisture usually settles in poorly insulated places, and they attract dust. With time, mold forms in these places. In the case of a cork such a situation will not happen, thanks to the mentioned hygroscopicity – the lowest among materials used for building walls. In addition, it is an antistatic material – it does not attract dust, which is why it is an ideal antiallergic material. By choosing a cork we are sure that no mold or fungus will appear on its surface.

Very desirable raw material

Cork plug in other countries is a very desirable raw material not only preventing mold or fungi, but also helpful when this problem occurs. After drying the mouldered walls, a wall plug is mounted on them. It is a real, natural obstacle for mycelium. Cork can also isolate the interior of rooms from the harmful effects of substances contained in some building materials. The cork plug, due to its unusual structure and parameters, will be used in many homes and offices, both as a decorative product and as a protection against noise, cold or moisture. A wide range of colors and patterns will allow you to arrange any room, which will surely translate into a natural and ecological design.

Cork roll for every occasion

Cork roll for every occasion

Cork roll is the most acknowledged and desirable technical material from a natural Portuguese cork. It is created in a multi-stage process of combining a natural cork aggregate with an ecological binder. Cork roll is a versatile material that finds many applications, including as a large cork board, thermal and acoustic insulation of walls and floors. A cork roll can serve as a protective pad. It is also a good material for crafts or numerous hobbies that require the use of this soft and cushioned material.

Universal material

Cork rolls are completely universal, you can use them as a cork board at home, office or school, but they will also work as building insulation or wall silencing. They are also used as a material for gaskets, in the production of advertising gadgets and as a high quality cork foundation for panels or lining. The unique properties of cork rollers are also appreciated in modeling when building architectural or railway mock-ups and as cork pads and mats for yoga or fitness. Medium grain cork role is ideal for making all kinds of surfaces for pinning information, adverts, newsletters, etc. High flexibility, great aesthetics and high resistance to chipping make the medium grain cork used as cork information boards, filling display cases and advertising screens .

Dependent on thickness

You can easily and firmly attach business documents in the office to your cork or photos from your holiday at home. In this case you need a 5-10 mm thick cork roll. Cork roll on the wall with a thickness of 2 to 4 mm will fulfill its task, when you already have a soft foundation on which you want to stick a decorative layer of cork. As a substrate for such a thin cork roll, you can use a soft porous felt, styrofoam or cardboard. However, if you care about the thickness more than in the cork format, then select medium-grain cork roll over 10 mm thick. Such a thick cork roll can be glued directly to a wall or other substrate or used to make cork divisions between desks, which will serve as a dampening of the workplace and as a practical and easily accessible large cork board.

Fashionable and original cork accessories

Do you know that cork accessories in the house are original and beautiful? Moreover there are eco-friendly and made of cork oak tree or Quercus suber. If you want you can change your home of 180 degrees using fashionable cork accessories. Natural cork is not only a versatile insulating material and an excellent covering of walls and floors.

Made of cork

Cork is original and practical accessories in our house such a new flooring, floor refinishing, wall and ceiling tiles, custom dartboard backers and bulletin boards, interior painting or polyurethane sealing. Cork underlays provide two main benefits. They can be installed as a regular stand alone underlay or as a sub-floor underlay. Cork rolls are used for many products, including bulletin boards and tack boards, gaskets and protective pads, underlayment and insulating material, coasters, hot pads, model, crafts and hobby needs, shelf liner, dart board backer and much more.

Alternative to traditional       wall

Cork wall is a naturally decorative alternative to traditional coverings. It is available in a variety of patterns to compliment any décor. Cork coverings give walls, ceilings and other surfaces a uniquely natural look. They are also functional, besides being decorative. They have excellent heat/cold insulation properties as well as acoustical insulation & anti-vibration properties. Isolation cork can also simultaneously function as wall/ceiling tiles and tackboards. Cork is ideal for offices, children’s rooms, and any other area where pinups are wanted.

Bulletin boards

Cork boards is great for office use, in your kitchen or bedroom at homeIt allows you to quickly and simply pin salient information up, whether work, photos reminders or notes. Cork boards are in different available visual aids in many popular sizes. They have lightweight construction and mostly include wall mounting kit. Stationery and visual  cork boards are ideal for message centers and notice boards. You can use them as vision boards, visual aids and displays during conferences or presentations.

Cork in the kitchen – practical cork pads

Cork material is renewable and made from the bark of the cork oak. This natural product can be stripped of tree’s bark several times. Nowaday it becomes to be a stylish and popular choice in our kitchen. Colors, patterns and features found in each individual piece of cork are going to be unique and one of a kind.

Practical at home

Cork is natural material used very often in our houses. Somebody can think that it is old fashioned or outdated. It is not true! Cork is very practical in every house, because is water-resistant and lightweight. Cork pads are using for hot or cold drink to protect tables in the kitchen. They can be produced in any size and shape. Cork underlay has thermal properties and no specific smell. It makes great for kitchen gadgets or wine stoppers – it will not change the taste of anything. Moreover cork pad has silencing value. Adhesive cork can be used as a cork pad, under a chair or a table, preventing it from causing any permanent damage to the floor.

New trends

You can make original and lovely coasters of cork underlay. It is very simple and cheap. Cork pads can be beautiful accessories on a table, if you are willing to spend some time making them look beautiful. They will protect your furniture against moisture and stains. Beyond that personalized cork pads can be perfect gift for christmas or birthday. It depends on our imagination and time. You can find wonderful designs in the shop or make it yourself. 

How to clean?

Cork is naturally resistant to water, heat, and mold.This material is easy to clean but remember to limit direct sunlight to avoid fading. Spills should wipe up immediately. You should regulary wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Cork mats shoul be cleaned carefully after each use. You can remove difficult marks from cork mats using sandpaper.Always dry cork mats thoroughly before placing into storage. Cork underlay are very popular table setting features, usually as placemats and coasters. That is why you should know what to do if the cork becomes dirty.

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